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Ch. Kvar Gone A Hunting

" Ting "

12th American All Breed Best in Show Winner

Ch. Kvar Gone A Hunting - " Ting "


  "Ting" completed the requirements for his championship in California and although 

  I had never seen him in person, Pearl had filled me with glowing reports on his

  progress including a California Group win.


Ch. Kvar Gone A Hunting

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  Early in 1982 I received a call from Pearl asking if I would consider taking Ting 

  to show for a year or two.  My response was yes, but on a limited basis due to 

  other commitments.  From the minute I laid my eyes on him I knew he was indeed, "special".  In May of that same year Ting

  won the PCA National Specialty and National Supported Show and in June, the Greater Chicagoland Regional Specialty.  

  In limited showing he captured the PCA Golden Butterfly Award, just as his sire before him had done.


  1983 was in many ways a repeat performance.  Ting was again BOB at the PCA National Specialty and PCA Supported show. 

  This time adding an all-breed Best in Show to complete the Specialty weekend.  He again was BOB at the GCPC Regional



  Besides being a multiple group and BOB winner, Ting was a wonderful easy going companion.  His expression was soft yet

  reflected the “Look of Eagles’ that I had only seen once before – in his great, great grandsire, Doodles.


  Sadly for us, and the breed, we lost Ting at a young age while having his teeth cleaned.  His daughter, Ch. Josandre’ Fancy

  Lady, when bred to her sire’s half brother, gave us a lovely tri puppy dog.  As this youngster grew up he looked and acted 

  more and more like his grand daddy.  And sure enough, Ch. Kvar My Boy Josandre’ became the breeds eighteenth 

  Best in Show winner.


Mary Jo Loye

Co-Breeder / Owner - PCA Historian

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  Ch. Kvar Gone A Hunting
  Sire : Ch. Kavar The Huntsman   Call Name : " Ting  "
  Dam : Kvar Touch of Class   Breeder : Pearl A. George & Mary Jo Loye
  Born : February 1, 1980   Owner : Pearl A. George & Myrtle R.
  Color : White, Black & Tan  ( Klensch )
  From 1982 on Pearl and Mary Jo
    Handler : Myrtle Ray Klensch / Mary Jo Loye



Pedigree :  Ch. Kvar Gone A Hunting

Ch. Kvar Gone A Hunting's pedigree


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