Betty Kenworthy


  Remembering Betty Kenworthy ...  

  Betty Kenworthy was a very private and remarkable lady and a great friend of the

  Papillon and its admirers.  She was consistently kind, helpful, generous, gracious

  and a lady in the fullest sense of the word.  Of Scottish descent, she lived for a

  time in England then in South Africa and resided most of her life in British Columbia

  with her beloved husband, Sam.  Their daughter, Shirra, was an Olympic figure

  skater and is now an internationally known figure skating judge.


  Betty lived on an idyllic estate with seven fenced acres that included lawns, 

  an orchard, woods, and a little pond all enjoyed by her family and her beautiful

  Papillons.  She loved gardening and flowers, and enjoyed the beauties of nature

  around her.  Betty and Sam had owned a farm previously and were very expert in

  the breeding of livestock.  Their understanding of genetic principles is evidenced 

  in the carefully crafted pedigrees of their dogs.  Betty also believed in the

  importance of Papillons getting plenty of exercise and the best of care and

  handling.  Truly, the Kenrennie Papillons could not enjoy a better life.


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  As a breeder, Betty created a strain of great beauty, soundness, and prepotency.  She housed sufficient dogs to maintain her

  own gene pool while being cognizant of the occasional need to make a thoughtful outcross.  Although she acquired her first

  Papillon from Madame Oosterveen in England as a girl, she did not register her first litter with the CKC until 1965.  

  For foundation stock, she imported dogs from the Hendersons ( Inverdon ), Mrs. Harris ( Stouravon ), Miss Frampton ( Fircrest )

  and Miss Waud ( Daffodilwoods ) ; and Dr. Evans in the U.S.  Later she imported a pair of dogs from Karen Neren in Sweden. 

  These included Can. Ch. Stouravon Bonny Legend, Can. Ch. Inverdon Lucinda, Eng. Am. Can. Ch. Inverdon Sebert,

  Daffodilwoods Sweetheart, Am. Can. Ch. Fircrest Filomena, Am. Can. Ch. Emblem Lucifer and his sister Lucinda; Zorina Des

  Sapins and Cypriana of Mariposa.  From this base she created the Kenrennie strain.  More than 57 Canadian and 27 American

  Champions were produced from only Kenrennie sires and dams.


  Although Betty was not easily accessible geographically to other Papillion breeders and did not promote her dogs or in anyway

  solicit outside breeding, her strain has had a profound influence on both Canadian and American pedigrees.  Many of her dogs

  achieved titles of producer of Distinction and Merit.  Amongst her most famous were Am. Can Ch. Kenrennie Korello SOD, 

  and his son Am. Can. Ch. Kenrennie Selwyn SOD, and his son Am. Can. Ch. Kenrennie Kirsch; Korello’s brother Ch. Kenrennie

  Udell SOD ( owned by Sally Gell ) ; Am. Can. Ch. Kenrennie Caspar SOD, Caspar’s son Can. Ch. Kenrennie Osric SOM; 

  Can. Ch. Kenrennie Joy, Can. Ch. Inverdon Lucinda DOM, Can. Ch. Kenrennie Xtina DOM, Can. Ch. Carryon Madam Butterfly

  DOM and Can. Ch. Kenrennie Xtrivet of Monteith DOM ( Owned by Shirley Waller ).  Betty rarely campaigned dogs in the U.S.

  but had the top winner in Canada on many different occasions including Caspar ( 1983 ), Selwyn ( 1982 ), Lucifer ( 1987 and

  1988 ), Am. Can. Ch. Kenrennie Sasha ( 1975 ), and Ch. Kenrennie Umvuna ( 1982 ).  Other noted winners included Am. Can.

  Ch. Kenrennie Chancy who was a BIS winner in Canada and a group placer in the U.S.; Am. Can. Ch. Kenrennie Sabrina, 

  BPIS; Am. Can. Ch. Kenrennie Willow, puppy group winner ; and others, Lucifer was also a BIS winner.


  Betty generally had her dogs shown in the U.S. to obtain their titles and then they might never be shown again with rare

  exception.  When Caspar was shown at the PCA in 1983 he was a sensation and consequently received considerable outside

  use.  He has widely influenced U.S. pedigrees.  Kenrennie dogs can be found in the pedigrees of Kvar, Josandre’, Debonair,

  Walden, Loteki, Denzel, Serna-Stedt, Luxxor, Djeri, Titian, L’Ete, Bedmark, Suzyr, Chrysalis, Rorralore, and many other dogs.


  In recent years, Betty reduced her breeding activities considerably but still managed to show a few high quality dogs to notable

  success.  Am. Can. Ch. Kenrennie Xenophen did well at group level with Grant Townsend in Canada and Betty greatly enjoyed

  showing her Am. Can. Ch. Kenrennie Willow to both her titles and Specialty prominence. 


  Betty’s loss to the fancy is inestimable.  All who knew her benefited from her generosity of spirit and her kindness and may

  account themselves blessed for the acquaintance. 


Written and submitted by Charlotte McGowan

  Pap Talk, May/June, 1996



  Kenrennie Papillons

  Betty was a most gracious, kind, wise and private person.  She was a lady of great quality and a devoted friend of the 

  Papillon.  She did not campaign dogs outside of Canada but never failed to impress breeders new and old with the great 

  quality of her dogs.  She was a student of pedigrees and the art of breeding prepotent dogs.  Her Kenrennie strain produced 

  an array of stunning dogs and few successful kennels do not carry Kenrennie blood, even though her dogs were not readily

  available or widely advertised.  Kenrennie sires are among the strongest names on the list of Sires of Distinction and Merit 

  in PCA history.  The Papillon world has lost one of its greatest breeders and a great and dear lady in the truest sense.

( 1996 PCA Specialty Catalog )


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