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Code of Ethics

  • REGISTRATION: Dogs must be properly and honestly registered with the American Kennel Club, and accurate records must be kept. Unregistered bitches will not be bred, and unregistered dogs will not be used for breeding. All American Kennel Club rules and regulations will be complied with where applicable.
  • BREEDING: Dogs will be bred according to the approved American Kennel Club Papillon Breed Standard. All pet puppies not kept by the breeder should be sold or placed into a caring home. Pets should ideally be spayed/neutered prior to placement, and at least be placed with a spay/neuter contract. Unplanned matings will be guarded against. No member shall intentionally produce crossbred dogs and will never offer or advertise crossbred dogs for sale.
  • PLACEMENT: It is suggested that Papillon puppies not be placed before three months of age, however, no puppies will be placed before eight weeks of age. Every dog sold shall be accompanied by a signed registration, or registration and a four-generation pedigree, unless both seller and buyer agree in writing that the dog is sold without AKC registration papers. Pets shall be placed under limited AKC registration with a spay/neuter contract. There must never be an extra charge for American Kennel Club registration documents. For each sale, the breeder shall give a record of dates and types of immunizations given, and suggested dates and types of immunizations required. Written instructions on proper care, grooming and feeding should be provided. No puppy shall be sold without either temporary or permanent protection against parvo-virus, distemper, and hepatitis. Puppies should have a veterinary examination and be wormed before sale.
  • HEALTH:  Dogs will be kenneled with adequate room and sanitary conditions. Puppies and adults will be de-wormed and inoculated. Any dog that has defects of a nature that will make it detrimental to the breed will be sold or placed as a pet, under the condition that it be spayed or neutered, further noting on the American Kennel Club transfer record that the dog must not be bred.
  • ADVERTISING: Advertising should be factual. It should not be worded to attract undesirable buyers or to encourage raising dogs for profit. Young puppies should not be described as show, and/or breeding stock.
  • SALES: No member of the Papillon Club of America will sell at wholesale or to retail outlets, brokers, pet shops, mail order houses, or businesses of similar commercial enterprise, or donate a dog to be offered as a prize.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Each Papillon Club of America member shall pledge to help educate the public on the Papillon Standard and idiosyncrasies of the breed and in all other areas where qualified, and to help the new owner in every reasonable way for the life of any dog sold or placed. Member should be willing to take back any dog they sell or place, on a non-financial basis, in order to provide or find an appropriate home for the animal.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP:Good sportsmanship is expected of each Papillon Club of America member in and out of the show ring. No member should malign another, either his person or his dog. Members will refrain from knowingly making unfair or untrue statements about the dogs or practices of others.
  • ENFORCEMENT: Enforcement of this Code of Ethics is as enumerated in Article X of the By-Laws.



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